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January 11, 2007



Hi Michelle
Im in EArlwood, not sure if u know where that is but its not far from Newtown. its so hot in sydney today, bet u dont miss the heat!

Beautiful vintage horse! adorable!!


Michelle!!!! I love that horse. I want it! You remind me of me in many ways. I have to tell you, I can't stop dreaming and thinking about that wonderful mushroom you found...Was it a one of a kind? Is there one for me somewhere???I keep seeing your lovely self hugging that mushroom light for dear life...Hmm..By the by, you should come to my blog and then find your way over to Risa's tea party...You would have jolly fun!!

Michelle Parrish

Hi Anastasia - yeah I know where you are in Sydney. I was picked to study at the institute of design in Newtown when I was 16. It has all changed so much now I hardly recognise it - well it was 13 years ago -god I'm getting old- 29. I grew up in Mona Vale it is halfway between Manly and Palmy (Palm beach)ohh I miss sand ..I wish you could bottle some of that heat.

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